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Showcasing A ‘Spot’ Supplier – Amy Gould And Tickety Boo Interiors

Showcasing a ‘Spot’ Supplier – Amy Gould and Tickety Boo Interiors

As mentioned in last week’s blog post, here at ‘Spot’ our ethos is focused on people and showcasing their talents. Thus, in one of our regular blog ‘spots’, we are delighted to showcase our lovely friend and super talented furniture up-cycler, Amy Gould and her business, Tickety Boo.

When we were planning the re-styling into ‘Spot’, we were recommended to use Amy and her painting skills through a mutual friend and it was a joy to have her as part of the team. The timeframe was very tight, (approx. only 10 days for all of the café furniture and other one off pieces to be hand painted, distressed and revamped), but it was so much fun and Amy delivered as promised, on time and with excellent results.

Amy has always loved arts and crafts and her practical and creative side was used to good use, when until recently, her career choice was in the retail and fashion sector, where she was able to showcase her talents for managing people and keep her hand in too on the more practical side of advising on dressing stores to look as beautifully appealing as possible.

When Amy left her busy work life to take a break and have her gorgeous children, Freya and Connor, she wanted them to have a love of colour and art, just as she herself does and so Amy created ‘wonderlands’ for each of them. Amy was determined that their bedrooms would be personal to them and their characters, not merely shop bought, but original, fun and quirky.

Freya, Amy’s 5yr old daughter, is obsessed with mermaids, so Amy got creative and blended pinks, purples and greens together to create decorative letters, painted murals and pictures, all with lots of girlie sparkle thrown in.
By contrast, Connors room is painted in bold blues, greens and reds, with large canopy leaves and painted dinosaurs made into drawer pulls. Every little boy’s dream bedroom!

Amy loved re-cycling the bedroom furniture she already had for the children’s rooms and creating something eye catching and original.  Friends and family commented on how spectacular her effects were and so spurred on, last summer, Amy bought some second hand charity shop furniture pieces, booked herself onto a painting course and then she got to work turning random, unloved furniture pieces into beautiful, original pieces ready to be re-loved and cherished once more- she gave them a 2nd lease of life and the results were stunning.

Amy used her favourite bold colours and creative shading. She loved up-cycling the pieces and as a busy mum, she found that painting and having quiet reflective time, whilst being creative was very relaxing and much healthier than a glass of wine at the end of a hectic day! Thus whilst on maternity leave Amy decided to start painting furniture to sell. She imagined it would be a slow process and the uptake would be sporadic, but to her delight, the pieces she painted sold super quick…..and so Amy bought more and more and the rest is history!

Amy is inspired by current interior trends, as well as her forest and seashore surroundings, but her passion is colour! Her aim is to create statement pieces of furniture that are talking points and the focal feature of people’s homes. However, with a burgeoning business success Amy has a major problem… Space! She is moving house AND building a workshop where she can store her furniture and paint supplies as it currently takes over her house and as she is a magpie and loves detail and ornate hardware on her furniture pieces, her collection is ever growing and it’s got to the point where Amy needs to sneak each new piece in and try to hide it and she just cannot resist buying what she finds!

Amy freely admits that she falls in love with every piece she paints, but what she enjoys most about her new career is the ‘before and after’ process. What starts off as a tired and dusty piece of furniture, often unloved and on its way to the tip or charity shop, can be revived into something beautiful to be treasured and loved all over again. Amy offers a commission/paint to order service, transforming a sentimental or tired piece into something that is up to date with her clients’ interior design and changing trends. Amy says that the best bit of every project is seeing her client’s face light up when she delivers the piece back- She thinks that bit is priceless!

One of Amy’s best accomplishments is having her painted pieces showcased and recognised.  Hundreds of people have now seen her painted pieces at ‘Spot’ and we are delighted that Amy was happy to go crazy with her paints with us!

Amy has an online store as well as painting pieces to order.  Her pieces can be seen at ‘Spot’, as well as a few lovely photos here of what magic she paints!

Thank you Amy for being part of the ‘Spot’ team.

Until our next showcase



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