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Driftwood Artist, Roy Purkis

Driftwood artist, Roy Purkis

We are thrilled to showcase the gorgeous Driftwood artist, Roy Purkins here at ‘Spot’.

How we met .. !

Initially a very regular customer in the café, he one day shyly asked me if I would be interested in seeing some of his art work. He was quick to point out that it was very much a hobby rather than a business. But I could tell from chatting with him that it is a passion and one that he truly loves.

I was bewitched, not only by Roy and his charming and charismatic personality. But by his lovely art pieces too, all of which are handmade and completely unique.

Driftwood art

Beautiful driftwood art, with trees in the mirrors reflection

Roy’s interest in art and initially started as just a favourite pastime. Roy’s original passion was for making driftwood mirrors and the inspiration flowed from there.

At ‘Spot’ we are therefore delighted to now be one of Roy’s small group of chosen stockists. Those who have admired and purchased his pieces from ‘Spot’ love the quirkiness and uniqueness of what he does.

Locally sourced with Love

Roy finds inspiration beachcombing along the local coastline close to his New Forest home. So only using local, natural materials, including driftwood and pebbles, branches and twigs can sometimes prove to be challenging.

He describes his work as similar to making a giant jigsaw. You collect all the pieces, plan a design and then fit them together to create something beautiful and unique. It is clear to see his personailty in each piece he creates. And that is synonomous with our ethos here at Spot in the Woods.

What started as an enjoyable hobby has become so much more. They are pieces made with love and flair and we are delighted to share Roy’s talents with our ‘Spot’ guests.

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