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Sandra Binney Is At ‘Spot’ – Talented New Forest Artist.

Sandra Binney is at ‘Spot’ – talented New Forest artist.

I have known Sandra for many years – I first met her and her husband when they were regular guests in our then restaurant. They lived in Woodlands and often popped in for lunch or dinner; we would chat and I liked them both immensely.

A few years later they moved to another part of the forest and so we did not see Sandra or her family quite as often. But when they did pop in it was always a pleasure to catch up…. Therefore, I was delighted when Sandra let me know that she was now painting on a full time basis and so at first we started to stock her gorgeous cards.

New beginnings – artwork and gifts

When ‘Spot’ was conceived as a new way forward for the business I knew I wanted to have Sandra’s work as one of the main features of our showcasing gift store.

Before I mention her stunning collection of different art, fabrics, scarves and designs, I must tell you more about this talented lady. She is modest, humble and almost seems shy about her talents- but talented she is, of that there is no doubt. Sandra’s passion for painting has grown over recent years and she has experimented with watercolours, acrylics and different mediums, all of which gives her a breadth of work that makes you never tire of what she paints or creates.

Her paintings have become prints, her prints have been made into feather filled, high quality cushions, using a mix of linen, velvets and other textures to compliment the designs; cards, coasters and beautiful silk scarves complete the collection and all are stunning and lovely and her inspirations are diverse. Each piece tells a story and Sandra leaves it to the eye of the beholder to explore that story.

Sandra is so talented ..

I personally think what makes Sandra’s work so special is how she so effortlessly seems to capture the character of her subject. She is inspired by the environs of her New Forest home, both by the animals who live in the Forest, or the diverse landscapes of sea and forest we have to enjoy on our doorsteps.

When you look into the soulful eyes of the animals she paints you are struck by that animals character, their personality and their soul. They have attitude, they have character, she brings them to life and that jumps out at you. Likewise her landscapes draw you in; they are peaceful, tranquil and compelling. And her ballet dancer art is both poignant and beautiful in its simplicity.

I always feel when chatting to Sandra that she possesses a sense of fun; she exudes kindness, understanding and warmth. All of which she expresses within her work… in short she is a delight to know, to work with and her talents are impressive. She is well known in and around the forest; her art is loved and recognised by many and we are delighted to have her as a very special and integral part of ‘Spot’.

You can enjoy and purchase Sandra’s art and works showcased here at ‘Spot’ and her website.

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