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Warm Festive Wishes To All Our Customers And Team…

Warm festive wishes to all our customers and team…

It has been many months since I last wrote a blog. The new business concept, Spot in the Woods has grown in its confidence. The team have gained in their ability to manage brilliantly in my frequent and long absences and I have learned to relinquish control and let them do what they do best. To look after the business and take the day to day strain off my shoulders.

I have been preoccupied with nursing my mum and Gerard through the various hideously horrible stages of terminal cancer over recent months. The normality of the hum drum of life has ceased to exist as we lurch from one health crisis to another for both of them.

Thank you to the team

It is fair to say I wouldn’t have got through the last months without the team. They have all been intuitive, hard working, brilliant at knowing when to tell me of the day to day dramas and when to just manage them and let me know there was a problem but they have dealt with it. All so I can concentrate on being with my family at this tricky time.

Sadly my lovely mum passed away on the 4th December after a brave, but far too long and bitterly hard battle with a disease that is so cruel in its ability to strip away ever fibre of your being and your dignity.

Darling Gerard is suffering too and despite pursuing immune therapy treatment in the hope that it will prolong his life, after many months, it doesn’t as yet seem to be making any positive difference. I am writing this only a week before Christmas from a hospital room, whilst watching the multitude of doctors, nurses and consultants do their very best to make him as comfortable and pain free as is possible, and strive to keep him with us a little longer.

The year comes to an end

As this year nudges its way to conclusion I cannot say I won’t be pleased to see it end, but there have been happy moments mixed with the less happy ones and I am realistic to know that 2019 will be equally as rich with happy, sad, dull and exciting moments that make up the fabric of life.

At this time both I, Gerard and all the team at Spot in the Woods wish you and your families a very happy, seasonal time together with friends and family-hold them dear and try to be kind to one another as we often don’t realise how precious they are until they are gone.

With peaceful thoughts for health and happiness to all for 2019 and huge thanks to all who have enjoyed visits to Spot in the Woods in recent months and who have asked after us and sent wishes of cheer for Gerard-all are much appreciated.

Until next time


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