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Happy New Year From All At Spot

Happy New Year from all at Spot

Let me start by wishing you all a healthy and happy 2019. In many ways I was certainly not sorry to see the ending of 2018. Whilst there have been some exciting moments, such as working with the team to turn Hotel TerraVina into Spot in the Woods, all turned around and re-invented in just 7 days, complete with being snowed in during the same week.

The team spirit, excitement and will to succeed was fantastic for all involved and made me feel so privileged to work with such an amazing team.

Seeing Spot evolve over the rest of the year and gain a following of lovely new guests, as well as so many past TerraVina guests embracing the business in its new guise too has been heart warming.

Special moments with my family

Two of our precious members battled with cancer and terminal illness diagnosis also made the year special in so many ways too, but 2018 threw up plenty of challenges too. The ongoing Brexit worries meant business was not always as buoyant as it needs to be. Inflated business rates, harsh trading conditions and increased prices for almost everything have all put a strain on the business. But none of the business challenges compare to those at home.

Losing my mum to cancer in early December and having spent every day with Gerard in hospital since 17th December, whilst he slowly becomes more and more frail and weakens as he succumbs to the terrible demands of cancer have been heartbreaking to witness. But just as my incredible team at Spot have kept me going, so too have the army of amazing doctors, nurses and admin teams, including the housekeeping and catering teams and lovely Roy, the car parking chap, here at the hospital.

I thought those who work in the catering and hospitality industries work hard, but so too do the medical profession. I will be eternally grateful for the care they have given to my precious mum and the attention and care they are continuing to give to Gerard.

Looking ahead

And so it is that at the start of 2019, whilst I am realistic to know that it too will bring its fair share of challenges, stresses, frustrations and sadness. There will also be moments of hope, of love, sharing and sunshine, just as every year before it and all the years still to come.

Thank you to all, who have touched our lives in 2018 and now too in this new year. All of the messages, kind thoughts and good wishes that we have been sent both for Spot in the Woods and for our family whilst we live through the heath battles are enormously appreciated and are helping us all greatly.

Thus let me end as I started with a wish for a healthy and happy 2019 to you all with love and gratitude from all at Spot.

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