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Hello To Our New Senior Management Team

Hello to our new senior management team

As many will have read in the recent Spot newsletter, I am writing this Blog as I step back from the day to day involvement in Spot. In fact as many will have noticed, I have not been a visible presence since January when my beloved husband, Gerard Basset so sadly, prematurely passed away.

I have remained very much involved behind the scenes, on the sidelines and there to support the team – but mostly only when the café is closed and the guests are all departed.

I will continue to be a behind the scenes presence. Having lost both my mum and Gerard only a short 6 weeks apart and having had both of them at home, desperately ill, with my dad and I being their home carers, albeit with a fantastic support team. For the past 6 months, as a family we have been dealing with the shock, the grief and the mourning of two much loved family members. Two funerals, a recent memorial service and many tribute events to Gerard, across Europe, have been demanding of my time and energy.

Hotel TerraVina transforms

Our new Spot in the Woods, remains dear to my heart. But it holds so many memories of Gerard. It was “our baby”, when our real “baby” was well past infancy- we planned it, built it, despaired and fretted over it and gained great joy and nurtured treasured friendships within its walls, but now it is too hard to be there, amongst so many people and in the thick of its buzz, its busyness and its vibrancy.

Thus the time is right for me to hand over the day to day management to once our, now my, brilliant team. Gerard and I were always more interested in developing, nurturing and mentoring our team than ever making a profit- not savvy business sense, but we always felt people are more important than profit….nice to have the balance of both, but we didn’t always manage that!

Founder and much loved Gerard Basset OBE

However, one of Gerard’s many legacies is his wide and vast network of protegees across the world; people who thanks to Gerard’s patience, his generosity of spirit and his wish to share his expertise and knowledge with so many, have gone on to make their own brilliant careers and they too have continued in Gerard’s footsteps and continue to impart, share and mentor others.

Building on the past for the future

In a very small way, I am carrying on that legacy and am delighted that Spot’s new senior management team, made up of Gavin, Row and Ana – ably assisted by their own management team of Marie, Ceara, Annika, Lucy and Moyra are now at the helm.

They bring with them years of experience of working with Gerard and I, along with a passion and enthusiasm for the business. They will take it to the next stage in its journey and I will be proudly cheering them on from the sidelines.

In the meantime, I am taking “time out”, a much overused phrase, but a true one in this instance, as we as a now diminished in number family, come to terms with our loss, support one another and take time to recover and gain strength….. and so it is I happily and proudly hand over to Gavin, Row and Ana and the team, knowing Spot’s day to day running is in very safe and brilliantly capable hands.

Thank you to all for the many messages and kind words of condolences, they have been much appreciated.

I hope you will join me in saying “Bravo and Good Luck” to Spots new management trio. Over and out… but Hello to Gavin, Row and Ana. N x

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